Aun estoy buscando ese sitio, que una vez albergaron mis sueños..., General

on both banks of the river…

…with this words begin one of the texts of the “Metodo Girau”, that my GrandFather used for his classes of Enlgish language many years ago.

He was born in the begining of 1917, in La Horcajada (Avila). His family within the village was known as “Retejos”, and since he was a young kid at the age of 6 years worked selling olive oil with a donkey, in the near villages.

He was the person that more has influenced to me in my way of being nowadays; we spent lots of time together, and almost everything I have learnt, was from him.

One of the most useful things he taught me, I am having the chance to use it, nowadays more than ever.

When he was stationed in Melilla casually met the English language, thanks some courses that were offered to Militar personnel. Language learning was not a conventional thing at that time.

He previously obtained English teacher titration by the known in that time as “Escuela Central de Idiomas” (nowadays “Escuela Oficial de Idiomas”), at the same time he began with the learning of German and Russian  Languages in a self-taught way, during a time when there were no many ways to learn languages.

When I was a young kid, I can remember the hundreds of books he had in his personal library, all of them in English Language, German and some less in Russian, and every with notes of translated words in their pages.

Worked closely with Manuel Fraga at the “Ministerio de Turismo”, doing the translations of the foreign press, magazines arriving weekly in Spain. At the same time also worked as a teacher of English Language at “Briam English School” in Madrid City centre, well known as a native English Teacher, whose name was “Mr. Hood”. At nº 27 in Calle Fernandez de los Ríos, was located his School of English and German Language “Idiomas Hood”, where developed a very special Method to learn English.

I learnt from him the love and respect for languages, what word I have to choose at any specific situation…

Nowadays in this moments of “crisis”, when there are no options, no choiches, no bussiness at all in Spain, it is at this point when I am taking advantage of his teachings, is no easy to have a job interview in other language, if one feels nervous with what words use even in Spanish, one feels much more confused when having to speak professionally in a different language.

Thank you for everything you taught me all over your life!