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Masahiro Ouchi



Encuentro con Maestro Masahiro Ouchi

13-19 Junio 2014


Masahiro is the founder and director of TaoZen™ , and the director of Chi Nei Tsang Institute Japan, Healing Tao New York and Universal Healing Tao of Japan. He has been teaching meditation, Taichi, and Qigong for more than 35 years. Trough his many years experiences, the total body, mind sprit integrated method, TaoZen Life Practice has been developed, to enhance ones health, happiness and meanings of ones life. He has been teaching and sharing this TaoZen Life Practice throughout the world; in Japan, U.S.,Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Masahiro’s spiritual journey began with a childhood experience at a 600 year old Zen temple in the mountains of Japan. Since then he has practiced Taoist Meditation, Zen Meditation, Various forms of Taichi and Qigong, Shaolin Temple Kempo, Japanese Archery, Esoteric Shintoism, Kundanlini Yoga , Prana Yoga, and Tantra Yoga. He met Tao Master Mantak Chia in 1980 in China Town in NY, is the one of the a few original students of him.  Masahiro is also a student of Li Jun Feng, Wushu teacher to Hollywood Kanfu Star Jet Li . He has studied under the great Dr. and Priest Hiroshi Motoyama & Mr. Michizo Noguchi too.

He is also one of the only a few senior instructors of Chi Nei Tsang, the internal Organ Healing Touch in the world, and a founder of Qi Core Therapy, a whole body healing methods based on Qigong, breathing and meditation.
Masahiro is also a long-time student of various therapeutic modalities such as Gestalt, Transactional Analyses, Primal Scream Therapy, NLP, Feldenkrais, Noguchi Taiso and Dance Therapy. He is also a certified personal physical trainer of evolutional 10min a day intense training, Naturally Intense.

He opened the TaoZen Studio in fashionable area Omotesando, in Tokyo where one year Chi Nei Tsang School and three year Meditation course have been conducted and training assistant instructors.

He is the author of “ Meditation Exercise” “Self Chi Nei Tsang Touch” in Japanese and is currently writing his next book “Healing Love–Health, Happiness and Spiritual Practice”. He teaches at the Open Center, the most influential holistic center in NY, New York University, Queens College, Tao University, Exhale Spa in New York. Shu Uemura Studio, Tokyo Midtown Park in Tokyo, Gokoku Shrine in Kyoto and many other places. He is also the one of the most popular visiting consultant in Chiva Som International Health Resort in Huahin in Thailand.  He also trains Chiva Som therapists Chi Nei Tsang, Taichi and Qigong.
Various Interviews with him have appeared in Elle, Vogue, Numero and other magazines in Japan and US. He is a contribute writer on wealth, health and traveling for Elle Japon and other magazines.

Masahiro Ouchi’s focus is to bring ancient spirituality and healing practices into our modern life – to live fully with joy and compassion.